I am Game Server Developer.

I’ve started first career as embedded Linux kernel programmer which loaded into Giga Bits VPN security device.

afterward moved into game industrial and still keep this going on.

My first project in game company is PC online game. Go, Chinese Go, Chess and Hoola(playing card game).

I’ve participated into these project from bottom to top(developing to servicing).

These games are serviced in South Korea and USA(title named Royal Chess via IJJI game).

The next project was based on Facebook platform.

From this project, my technical area was expanded to client area also.

As startup essential member, I should cover every area 😀

Developed and serviced game titles are Football Manager(soccer managing game likewise Football Manager-yes the original one, but more lightweight casual style) and Texas Holdem(poker game).

In these time, a kind of message router was needed so simple router is developed. It was addressed based multicast/unicast/anycast packet router which removing complex connection to each service machines and backend machines. It helped reducing system complexities and increasing system accessibilities.

The next foot step was, joined mobile MORPG project.

The server was developed with C# and all logical components are organized by modules.

Also a new lightweight protocol was required for connecting C# game server and Unity. So? Protocol parser and serializer was made using Lex/Yacc. It was quite charming thing and this concept is still borrowed recent project J. User defines structure using class-style definition, then parser makes binary stream serializer for dedicated platforms(currently supporting C++/C#/UnrealEngine C++). It supports primitive data types and custom type.

Skill for battle and base framework was main area take charging in.

This game was serviced on Google Play and meet BEP 😀 – title is Lost In Stars, serviced by GREE Korea.

The next one is Fish Island for KAKAO.

I’ve joined this project after it already opened. My main role is gameplay developing.

Meanwhile I’ve tricked fun two tools for master data generating and user data merging.

Master data generator is basically transforming excel file into binary stream data file. Yes, the basic concept is same as protocol generator I’ve created previous company.

With some(actually lots of) modifications, it could create data definition from excel cell name and put binary stream packaging from cell data. It’s quite simple to use but handy and versatile as it supports list type for primitive and custom types.

User migration tool was for system maintenance such as db migration, batch user data modification, giving rewards, etc. it was developed with C# Form and support threaded DB operation for handling quite huge user data rows.

And then, move into small sized mobile MORPG project, title was Class and serviced on Google Play(iOS version is prepared by not launched sadly).

As a technical director and project manager, I’ve supporting and developing server and client sides (C# and Unity).

It was started from scratch so lots of contents developing is required.

Thankfully it developed in time and serviced(and still….) but not so lucky as project is dropped for some reasons.

Next era was also mobile MMORPG based on Unreal Engine 4.

As charging in server team and iOS building as Server Team leader, I could have so great chances for learning Unrean Engine 4.

With handling server side issues, handled iOS side UE4 issues and made some plugin for android and iOS likewise location based service and peeking device information, etc.

Though this project dropped before launching, it was the chance for changing game engine to Unreal Engine 4.

CI for UE4 using Jenkins and crash dump collecting server was built also.

Finally, I’m in Netmarble Nexus  and still making mobile MMORPG game using Unreal Engine 4.

My role is similar with previous project but handing more deeper sides(developing, managing, supporting).

All CI system is built by TeamCity and it does CI.

Local iOS distributed system is built and ipa files are logged, shared for testing.

some testing tool suite – launcher, actor spawning/controlling skill set- are prepared.


I’m looking forward a chance for expanding my experience in abroad.

Handled Language Set,

C++, C#, Flex Action Script, Lua, Objective-C, PHP, AngularJS


Oracle 10i, MySQL, MSSQL, Redis, CouchBase



Favorite Dev. Environment?


Some works I’ve achieved. still noting so come back soon.
You may leave comment requesting details. 😀

Protocol Generator

Excel Data Serializer

MMORPG – Skill Controller – Server Side

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